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Fancy Pants Honey & Bee kit

Today’s Peachy deal is a Fancy Pants 12×12 Honey & Bee Kit. This deal has 12 double sided papers that measure 12×12 and a Sticker sheet that has 43 stickers on a 12×12 sheet including¬† women in vintage clothing, women’s legs holding a cup of honey, a bike, butterflies, bees, flowers, words and phrases, cards, birds, bows, lace borders, and more. Also included is a package of 54 pieces of ephemera that includes women holding baskets of wildflowers, a kite, a backpack, bees, butterflies, wildflowers, books, mason jars, cups, cans with flowers, birds, and more. Lastly you will also get a ¬†package of 23 pieces of ephemera, Cards and Tags, with pieces that include doily shapes, lace borders, tags, cards with images or words and phrases, framed words and phrases, a can of honey with wildflowers in it, and more.

$14.99 regularly $41

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Assorted colorful scrapbook paper designs.Assorted scrapbooking paper patterns and designs.Scrapbook album with family photos and decorative elements.Handmade bee-themed greeting card with "be kind" message.

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