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For all of the penny-pincher, frugal, thrifty, or just plain PeachyCheap scrapbookers out there, this site is for you!

Now you can get the great scrapbooking products that you want at an awesome price! You can't afford not to scrapbook now!

Your part is simple; just visit www.PeachyCheap.com everyday to check out the fabulous deal of the day.

Then grab it while you can because everything is discounted up to 95% off and they sell out fast!

Happy shopping!

If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected].

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Never Miss out on a deal


I'm addicted! I have to check out PeachyCheap as soon as I jump out of bed. I don't do coffee . . . I do PeachyCheap!


Each and every purchase from PeachyCheap has far exceeded my expectations. Great products...Great Prices.


I just wnte to say thank you for the wonderful deals! I just recently found your site and can't tell you enough how appreciated it is!! Not to mention fun!!


I love your site and look forward everyday to see what fun and cheap products you have posted!

Lee Ann

THANK YOU! I received my MME package today and love it. It seems like there is even more in the kit than you advertised. Wow! What a deal! I'll continue to watch your site for more great bargains.


Thank you so much for your quick response. What amazing customer service! I love your website!


Thank you so much!! It is great doing business with a company like yours that appreciates its customers and makes things easy for them. I will continue to watch your website everyday as I have been.


Hi Brook, I received my flowers that I purchased last week and would like to thank you for the great deal (my pocketbook thanks you too, but my husband doesn't because I didn't tell him I bought more scrapbook stuff... that's between you and me, okay?) LOL Thanks for the quick turnaround! I can't wait to see what other deals you have posted as I, too, love clearance aisles and have the lack of space to prove it! Keep up the great work.


I just wanted to thank you for my recent order. Not only were your emails informative, but my product arrived lightening fast and in perfect condition - if only everyone gave great customer service like you. Thanks for the great shopping experience!


Just got my first peachy cheap deal in the mail. I'm impressed at what I got for the price I paid. I'm officially addicted. There are two things I have to do daily - take my birth control pill and check your website! Love you guys!

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